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  • Network Design Installation

  • Configuration Security

  • Monitoring and Management

  • Upgrades and Expansion

  • Troubleshooting and Support

  • Documentation and Reporting

Types of Networks

  • Local Area Network (LAN)

  • Metropolitan Area Network 

  • Wireless Networks

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Troubleshooting and Support

  • Documentation and Reporting

Network Issues

When confronted with any of these issues, immediate action is imperative.


Every moment of slow or non-functional networks translates to wasted employee time, dissatisfied customers, potential data loss, and other detrimental consequences.


You require a swift response from qualified technicians who can address the problem efficiently.

The resolution process may vary depending on the nature of the problem and the complexity of the solution.


It could range from a brief phone conversation with an expert to troubleshoot and resolve the issue, or it might necessitate a dedicated team visiting your location to work diligently throughout the day.


Determining the appropriate course of action is critical, and this evaluation can only commence once you reach out for support.

Why Us

You may be curious about the reasons to choose us for your network repair needs and why we are the ideal option for resolving issues, implementing improvements, and providing ongoing support.


We have extensive experience in delivering computer repair and support services to businesses and residents throughout Tamil Nadu and India.


Our emphasis is on prioritizing customer support, paying meticulous attention to detail, and staying ahead of the curve through continuous evaluation and education.


We understand the importance of optimizing your network's efficiency and consistency and are here to assist you in maximizing its full potential.

•    Network cables

•    Network adapters

•    Network interface cards

•    Routers

•    Switches

•    Network hubs

•    Network bridges

•    Wireless access points

•    Proxy servers
•    Network printers



Understands that network issues can be detrimental to your business.


When your network is experiencing problems such as slow performance, printer malfunctions, connectivity issues, or security breaches, you need prompt and reliable network repair and support.


Our experienced technicians are dedicated to resolving your network challenges swiftly and efficiently.


We tackle everything from minor glitches to complex cyber-attacks, ensuring minimal downtime and preserving your organization's reputation.

Potential Issues:

Computer networks are integral to modern businesses, but their complexity leaves room for various problems, ranging from minor inconveniences to major failures.


Here are some common issues that can occur within a network:

Internet Connectivity: Networks may experience instances where there is no internet connection, leading to disruptions in accessing online resources and services.

Inconsistent Connections: Unstable or frequently dropping network connections can hinder productivity and disrupt communication between devices.

Sharing Between Machines: Difficulty in sharing files and resources across different devices within the network can impede collaboration and workflow efficiency.

Wi-Fi Problems: Wireless network issues, such as weak signals, slow speeds, or difficulties connecting devices, can impact mobility and hinder seamless connectivity.

SaaS Utilization Challenges: Troubles in effectively utilizing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions within a network can limit productivity and hinder the adoption of cloud-based applications.

Bottlenecks: Congestion or bottlenecks within the network can cause slowdowns and degrade overall performance.

Access Control Issues: Problems with user authentication, permissions, or unauthorized access can compromise network security and confidentiality.

Unreliable Backup Systems: Inadequate or faulty backup systems can jeopardize data integrity and recovery capabilities in the event of data loss or system failures.

Hardware Failures: Physical hardware components, such as routers, switches, or servers, may encounter failures that disrupt network functionality.

Wiring Problems: Faulty or damaged network cables and wiring can cause connectivity issues and hinder data transmission.

Network Products

•    Network repeaters

•    Network extenders

•    Ethernet splitters

•    Powerline adapters

•    Network switches

•    Network security appliances

•    Network firewalls

•    VPN (Virtual Private Network) 

•    VoIP (Voice over Internet                  Protocol)phones

•    Network load balancers
•    Network monitoring tools
•    Network analyzers
•    Network testing equipment
•    Network management software
•    Network attached storage (NAS)
•    Network storage devices
•    Content delivery networks (CDNs)

•    Network video recorders (NVRs)
•    Network switches with PoE

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